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Jesus and stretchy pants.

It boggles my mind that, as much as I love these dishes, I don't make them more often, but in my mind, it is not Thanksgiving without them. Either way, it is my choice how I fill my plate. Just as that is true, the same can be said of your holiday season; how you spend your time, money, but also your joy and peace. The holiday season can be stressful for so many people. Especially this year. I think it will be so important to take the time to sit with God and budget out our lives. Yes, it is 2020 which means we can go ahead and expect the unexpected, but for us personally, it means it's the last holiday season with our close friends and family for quite some time. The things that you cherish should be protected and prioritized. I prefer starches over meats on my plate ANYDAY, so I wear stretchy pants to make the most room for them. I want to make room for gratitude, so every night I ask my kids what they are thankful for. I want to make room for Jesus in our holidays, so we tell our kids that Santa and the Easter Bunny aren't real but Jesus is. I don't want my life happening to me and the world doesn't have the same priorities as Jesus so proactively choosing is crucial.

I encourage you to take the time to sit with God and ask him how to make the most of everything this holiday season.

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