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Today's Miracle Moment

This little toot got in trouble today. I mean, let's be honest, he gets in trouble most days but I'm not sure if that should be attributed to him being four or me just being full crazy (but between you and me, I think it's probably the latter). But today something happened y'all, that has me shook. I'm feeling a bit emotional just thinking about it 😩 (see. Full crazy).

Let me set the stage. Molly just went down for a nap and that is when I let Pete watch tv so that I can get things done. I set him up watching something with "dinosaurs that don't talk and no people". 🤦‍♀️ (Whatever kid). I went to the room to wrap presents. Not 5 mins later Pete came in saying that "it's not going well". (What did you expect from a dino documentary kid???) I replied saying that he would have to wait until I was done wrapping this box. After a minute or so I heard the baby gate to our kitchen shut (We live in like 800 sqft so I'm out of sight but definitely not earshot). Now let me pause and tell you, 50 times a day I tell him, "Don't go in MY kitchen without my permission. Until you can read, that's the rule. (It's a safety thing). "SO... he knows he shouldn't have gone in there. Upon pausing what I was doing and walking into the living room he holds up our apple TV remote and just said "look, it's cracked" like he didn't have a roll in that🙄. When not in use our remote is magnetized to our fridge so 1. the kids can't get it and watch Lord-knows-what, and 2. So this space-momma knows where to find it. My guess is he jumped up to get it, knocked it off, and it broke when it hit the ground. Whether it happened quite like that or not, it was still broke and momma was M.A.D. 😡 OK. The stage is set.

I took a quick minute to gather myself. If you know me at all, you know my first response is usually a loud one. I'm not proud of this, and I'm working on it but the fact I didn't lose my mind only speaks of Jesus. I had NO idea what would come out of my mouth when I started talking. But, we sat down and I just started talking about disobedience and sin. It's when we do wrong and that it wasn't just me that he hurt with his disobedience but Jesus because He took the punishment for that sin (death). I made him apologize to both of us. I told him that to pay for a new remote I should take all of his Christmas presents back. To teach him about grace and God's love, however, I told him that I, like Jesus, would take the punishment for breaking the remote. I would pay for his wrong.

Y'all I had a moment with Peter and with Jesus 😇. We all sat there and cried. Peter cried because of conviction. I cried because of gratitude. And I feel like Jesus was there crying too. He cried with Pete because he never meant for us to feel separated from him and he also cried with me because he was proud that I somehow managed to set my anger aside and let love and Holy Spirit lead the conversation. He really freaking loves us (all of us). I connected with Peter. I connected with Jesus. And I connected Peter to Jesus. And that, my friends, is the ultimate end game. To connect others to Jesus.

I'm not tooting my own horn here. I'm trying to blast the speakers on God's goodness. This was a miracle moment for me. This is what sharing the gospel is like; encountering his grace all over again. The bible says that those that don't discipline their kids don't truly love them. Discipline looks different for everybody but I believe that it should look like discipleship (always pointing them to Jesus). My kids are possibly the great disciples I will ever have and I don't want to waste that.

I will say, he still lost his TV privileges for the day for going into the kitchen. I made him take a nap instead. It was a win-win... sort of. I still have a broken remote. Also when Daniel got home I told him the story and at the end, in jest, said "...and as the father, you can't hold him in contempt because I already paid for his wrong.😂 " Everybody had a part to play.

Ok, that's all, maybe show someone Jesus today. Love you.😘

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